ora et labora

mencari dengan hati . asa . doa

. yap . August 16, 2010

Filed under: -asa-asa-keciLku- — askar @ 4:22 am

. we had made a promise . they will occur .

. i am tired being left by them.

. moment, after I calm down.
. I went to the second world.

. someone says past is a good place to visit.

. but not for stay.

. i always make a friend there.

. i love them more than peoples in real world.

. dreams.

. commit.

. i’ll never be back.

. let me fly.

. let  me fly.

. let me dissapear.


4 Responses to “. yap .”

  1. wibisono Says:

    mmm.. wanna try to dissapear. i think never say it
    we should happy, our friends is near with us.

  2. askar Says:

    thats right
    kmrn ps lg down ms,,
    heheh ..

  3. an Says:

    dont be dissapear, mba..
    ntar susah ketemunya..

  4. askar Says:

    bner juga
    hhaa ..

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